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  1. Theodor Beisel says:

    I want to know how often I am meant to mulch. If I am to believe the so-called experts, I am way behind the purported timetable. A judicious application of this kind of compost seems prudent, given all the mulch talk in the media. Advertisers clog my mailbox with attractive offers, yet is all this just some big ruse to get me to purchase excessive amounts of colored cedar bark to line the coffers of Big Mulch? Where is the public radio exposé? What are the existential ramifications of NOT mulching? Exactly how is one to know?

    Thank you for your help with this question.

    • JJ Sloan says:

      As TB McGlone’s former college roommate, and someone who studied the topic you’re asking about, the author has asked me to handle all mulch related questions so that he can focus on his next book. The short answer is that mulches are great for your shrubs, trees and other perennial plants. If you live in a hot, dry climate, they will help cool the soil and preserve moisture. If you live in a cool, rainy climate, they will insulate the soil in winter and protect the soil from erosion. As the mulch decomposes, it releases nutrients and carbon that feed the soil biology. Your initial application of mulch can be 2 to 3 inches thick and in subsequent years, you can top it off with some fresh mulch. I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for a bag of mulch. Compost is some different than mulch, but it is also great for the soil.

  2. Dennis L Wachter says:

    Felicidades amigo mio; cuan ocupado has estado. Tus exitos literarios son nada menos que impresionantes. Con mucho gusto me acuerdo de nuestras colaboraciones teatrales del pasado, tal y como la amistad de la que compartimos. La vida aqui en la Florida es fenomenal. Ven a visitarnos.
    Chiqui manda sus saludos

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